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EPDM Flaps

EPDM is one of the most versatile specialty elastomer in commercial use today. EPDM is a ter-polymer of ethylene, propylene and non-conjugated diene, widely known as Ethylene Propylene Rubber in Industry, designated as ("E"-ethylene,"P"-Propylene, "D"- Diene and "M" for poly methylene ).

One of the best character of EPDM Rubber is it's heat and weather resistant property which is manyfold superior than Natural Rubber.

EPDM Flaps are widely used as CURING FLAPS, has to undergo higher temperature in every cure cycle, EPDM flaps provide longer life than Conventional Natural Rubber flaps which is prone to degradation on higher temperature.

EPDM Flaps are gaining popularity in Truck-Bus Radial Tyres also as a high performance flap, because life and mileage for Truck/Bus radials are almost double in comparison of Conventional tyre, EPDM flap performance is also in line with these requiremnt.

Rubber King offers a Proven EPDM flap with unique compound design to match the above requirement.

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