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Quality & Technology

Manufacturing Technology

Manufacturing Plants are designed and upgraded to meet any of International Standards of Quality Management System, Energy Efficient, Environment Friendly and Safe Manufacturing System .

Spacious Raw Material Stores are covered and shaded, equipped with handling Jumbo Packs to hold sustainable material inventory and FIFO for maintaining continuity in further process.

Mixing Shop is equipped with the latest machine in its category from H&F - Germany with variable RPM option and efficient PES 5 Rotors, supported by auto Carbon and Oil feeding System for added accuracy and efficiency

A series of two roll mill at batch off with complete cooling system enable us to achieve desired dispersion, in any complex compound recipe. Meticulously designed KANBAN for Compound storage and unique colour coding system ensures FIFO and flawless supply of compound to the next Process

A series of Full Corrugated, Partially Corrugated and Plain Two Roll Mills with On-Line straining of compound in Extrusion shop ensures uniform and absolutely Foreign Material Free Compound supply to Extrusion Process, Uniquely designed Extruder allow to pass all entrapped air from compound for blister free uniform wall thickness in green Tubes.

Tubes are stored in Completely covered leaf trolleys very delicately to take care the ageing of Green Tubes to make them stress free. Valve Application and Splicing ( Joining the ends ) are the two most critical process in Tube Manufacturing are mistake proofed and controlled through SPC controls respectively under the strict supervision to the process.

Tube moulds are maintained and cleaned at regular frequency for maintaining good surface finish of product, vulcanization process is being carried out in automatic PLC controlled curing presses with various heating medium to achieve best properties.

100 % inspection of products for meeting Quality standard is verified before packing and shipping to customer.

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