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Quality & Technology

Quality and Testing

At Rubber King Quality begins with the selection of Raw material supplier, and does not get Terminated. It is propagated in forms of continual improvement in every process.

We have Three Tier Quality Testing Policy which starts from raw material supply:

Releasing of Raw Material received from approved sources by Physical and Chemical Testing. (every material has to pass min. 3 conformity characteristics tests for releasing to production )

In-Process Material Conformity Testing for releasing to next operation. ( Every tube lot in production has to pass min. 10 in-process tests for warehousing)

Product Performance Simulation and Reliability Testing, including Dimensional Testing (every warehoused lot has to pass min. 5 product test characteristics to reach to the customer )

We have a well established laboratory set-up in line with the guidelines of ISO/IEC 17025 and world wide accepted testing procedures in guidance with ASTM standards, equipments are calibrated through NABL Accredited Laboratories or masters.

Scope of Laboratory set-up covers :
  • Raw Material Charectrisation and Conformity Testing
  • In-Process Conformity Testing
  • Product Conformity and Simulation Testing

Our experienced team of rubber technologists and chemists is dedicated to ensure precise test results to maintain our quality and to experiment with new materials, new recipes, new ideas, which keeps us always ahead in competition.

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