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It was great pleasure to visit Rubber King. The Manufacturing Operation of the plant is very impressive, Quality and Safety Inspection appeared to be very thorough, Plant is kept very clean. The Rubber king Team is very customer focused and open to new ideas and concepts. It was excellent visit and I wish them a long lasting association. - Customer from USA

You are well Organised and keep the factory very neat and clean and having, so much concern about Quality and customer satisfaction -wish you all success - Customer from Srilanka

I like the way as you organized the work on your factory, the marketing people are very professional and hardworking, Congratulation for everything, Thank you for your hospitality. - Customer from Turkey

It was my pleasure to visit your plant for inner tubes, the plant is very good and well organized, this means that people are good and very experienced. They are helpful and know what they are doing. ALL THE BEST. - Customer from Iraq

It is very pleasant visit, hope to work for a long time.- Customer from Bulgaria

We are satisfied by visiting Your factory, Expect to do more Volume/Quantity for Long time business.- Customer from Myanmar

Plant is Good system are OK, Managers are very efficient, The Inventory on the stock are good.- Customer from Cambodia

Rubber king Factory Visit is a good Experience after Years away from Manufacturing Observation in Tire Factory, Brisa-Izmit premises. Manufacturing areas are very clean and company is sytemised as compared to other factories, I have Visited. Wishing you a very best and looking a long term association.- A Technocrat from Turkey

Thank you for treating us as a Family, Visit of the factory is much appreciated and the humbleness of people will be in our mind for a long, best wishes for our Indian Family at Rubber King.- Customer from South Africa

Rubber King has got committed management and professionals in all fields. This is why RK is consistant producer of quality products and maintains it's Quality Management System. This should keep RK ahead in it's competition. This is my third visit to this plant, Everytime i come, I see some changes in plant. Improved Lighting, Fresh Air for Workers at Work Place, Quality systems are matured. Management is responsive ti improvements.- Customer Representative from Indian Tyre Company

Both Rubber King Tyres and Bhagawati Rubber were visited in detail and I am quite impressed with the systems, procedures, housekeeping and Management. The product has to be good with such controls. Wish both units all prosperity and progress in the future.- Marketing Head of Indian Tyre Company

I was very Impressed to see the performance of the Rubber King, tube Unit. The Quality Systems, which have been put in place are practiced, with utmost care and devotion. No doubts this will reflect in the quality of their product. The systems are visible in the plant, and the same is driven from the top most man in the factory," wish you all the best". - Commercial Head of Indian Tyre Company

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